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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Elizabeth Paige Cornes a.k.a "Busy Lizzy" who was born in Louisiana on August 14, 1996 and passed away on February 25, 2007 at the age of 10. We will remember her forever.

I have so much to say about my beautiful blue eyed angel and I will put that here in time.......I really want to thank Julia Marfell-Brammer for sponsoring her site. You are a kind soul and did not have to do that but I certainly do appreciate it since I do want her legacy and memories of her to live on. I will do more updating to this site once I gather my thoughts. It has been only a little over a month since she passed on and I cry everyday for her knowing I will never see her sweet smile or blue eyes again.........As for today 3-30-07, I am going shopping for silk flowers to put at her grave site and redoing a teddy bear in silk flowers that was given to us at the wake but was done with real flowers, so I will be redoing that as well with silk flowers and will hang that outside of her window.......thank you so much Julia, I was shocked and so happy when I saw that her site was going to be here forever......To the moon and back Lizzy........

Busy Lizzy's Mom

3/29/10::Lizzy your sister and brother's miss you very much. They still cry for her, especially her older sister who was only 13 when she died, well she will be 17 in a couple of weeks and is having fun but still can't believe that Lizzy is not here sharing in the fun and sometimes she feels guilty. She wishes her friends knew of her sister. Kristen has this quote on MySpace and I do believe it rings true "One day your life will flash before your eyes. So make sure it's worth watching"

She has had to grow up so much faster than her other peers, she takes life at a different pace and is not in so much a hurry to grow up. Because she does know that one day your life could flash right before your eyes....

Lizzy Nick and Dave are growing like weeds right before my very eyes!! Nick will be 10 next month and that will be a bittersweet day for me. He will soon be passing you up. You were 10 when you died and here he is about to turn 10 and I just can't imagine you that small.....How could I have let you get on a 4-wheeler unsupervised?? I look at him and I could never do that!! Why did I let you?? What was I thinking? It kills me inside.And Dave-The only one that saw your accident, still does not really speak of it. He was 5. He didn't realize that what was happening was going to kill you. He I am assuming thought you were doing a cool trick. So it never registered DEAD to him. And I believe he blocked most of it out. Maybe one day when he is ready he will want to talk about it. But for now I see you in them, yes they are their own each person...BUT you never left them. If you could do one thing for me sweetie? Help me get through these upcoming milestones? You know....the 10th birthday's, and all the other birthday's, Homecomings and Prom's without you, Wedding's without you there, grandbabies being born [yes you know that your mom and dad will be grandparents one day! haha I know laugh in your Spongebob laugh!] One dad sweetie, this pain won't hurt so much and I think that will be when I am able to be with you again.......Until then, To The Moon And Back Sweetie-I Love You. The Mom

To our family and friends::

We wish our daughter hadn't died,we wish we had her back
We wish you wouldn't be afraid to speak her name
Our daughter lived and was very important to us
We need to hear that she was important to you too
If we cry and get emotional when you talk about our daughter
We wish you knew that it isn't because you have hurt us
Our daughter's death is the cause of our grief
Leaving our daughter's pictures in your home
means she lived amongst us and remains alive...
Being a bereaved parent isn't contagious,so thank you for not
shying away from us
We need you now more than ever
We need diversions,so we DO want to hear about you,
but we also want you to hear about us
We might be sad and we might cry
But we wish you would encourage us to talk about our child
Our favorite subject of the day!
We know that you think and pray for us often
We also know our child's death pains you too
We wish you would let us know those things through a phone call,a card,note or a real big hug
We wish you wouldn't expect our grief to be over in six months
These first months were traumatic for us,but we wish you could understand our grief will never be over
We will suffer the death of our child until the day we die
We are working very hard in our recovery but we wish you could understand we will never fully recover
We will always miss our child and always grieve the she is dead
When we say "Where doing Ok", we wish you could understand we don't feel "Ok" and that we struggle daily
Your advice to take one day at a time is excellent advice
However, a day is too fast for us right now
We wish you could understand how difficult it is some days to handle an hour at at time
All the grief reactions we are having are very normal
Depression,anger,hopelessness, and overwhelming sadness are to be expected
So please know that when we are quiet,withdrawn,irritable,cranky or even rude
that certainly not our intent
Sometimes the world around us goes too fast and we need to get off
When we walk away,please let us find a quiet place to spend some time alone
Don't forget we still need you
We wish you would understand grief changes people
We are not the same people we were and never will
We wish very much that you could understand our grief,silence,tears,and pain
We pray daily that you never will understand.
Thank You

Author Unknown

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Tributes and Condolences
MissYouu<3  / K'Loni Mitchell (Goodfriend)
Exactly 4yearsss have pastt by today family are always in my prayers. Hope yall are becoming stronger..<3 Love you Lizzy.
To The Howling Moon And Back....   / Your Mommy Always To The Moon And Back (Mommy)
Halloween 2009 crept up on us. We did something different. We went to voodoo fest in new Orleans I think you would have had a blast! Granted it was really muddy BUT we did get to see Down and we saw a lot of crazy people!!! You would have really laug...  Continue >>
Miss You Hunny Bunny....   / Christopher Cornes (Father)
It has been two years today since I have heard your sponge bob laugh, seen your beautiful blue eyes, witnessed your magical ability to make people happy. Lizzy you still live on in my heart and I miss you terribly. When faced with adversity or even e...  Continue >>  / Brogan And Harry's Mum
Hello I just wanted to share with you the pain you are going through.  My daughter died in May 07 aged just 10... how cruel does this world get?  I hope you know that you are in my thoughts xxxx
hold onto me, Love; I know you can't stay long....   / Erin Cornes (Aunt)
my dear Lizzy. I miss you so. I can't believe you're gone to this day. So much is going on but i know youre watching and helping us all. Ive only cut once since you went home. I know you help me everyday! Your mom and dad need you way more than i eve...  Continue >>
Pray for enlightenment  / Abbey (Mom to angel Eldrich )    Read >>
Heaven for the angels  / Mommy Of Angel (passing through )    Read >>
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Her legacy
You carry my heart...  
Where to even start? Lizzy {Elizabeth Paige Cornes} was born August 14th, 1996. She weighed 6lbs 1oz and was born at 3:41 p.m. I was in labor with her for 19.5 hours, I guess she wasn't ready to enter this crazy world. She was due on my birthday August 17th, but decided to come before that. She was the best birthday present any parent could ask for. She was very energetic and loved to play with any kind of ball, I think in fact that was her first word. Little did we know she would be the athletic one. She was a tomboy and very unique and didn't care what others thought. She started playing soccer when she was 8 and loved it. She also became interested in skateboarding at around 9 years of age. We bought her a cheap skateboard from Toys R Us and she loved it. I joined MySpace, made an awesome new friend, whos son skates with Tony Hawk, but I didn't know that at the time. The band Rush was what started our friendship. When I told him about Busy Lizzy he sent her a deck signed by Tony Hawk and they made a complete board just for her as well sending her lots of cool skating clothes which she wore all the time. She started to become more serious with her skating and soccer. She wanted to be a professional soccer player when she grew up. The day before she passed she made two goals, her first ever. And they won their game. She was learning new tricks on her board and almost had that ollie down......... The weekend was going great. This was on a Saturday Feb. 24th. Her best friend Thomas came in first in a school project and she made her goals. I remember that day like it was yesterday. The 25th of Feb. started out good also. She played basketball. Had her best friend Thomas come over and his brother Russel. They rode 4-wheelers for a little while. Her dad bought her the new Tony Hawk playstation game and her and I played that for awhile. It was a good day until Thomas left for his boyscout meeting. She stayed inside to play her game with her dad. She would get bored easily so she would always have to do something with her hands. Which is why she wanted to play drums, and she was in the percussion section in her school's band. Later that day Thomas's brother came over to play with Lizzy and they started riding 4-wheelers again. She came inside and put the key on the table next to me, they were skating I think and then they decided to ride 4-wheelers again. I had the key to the 4-wheeler. She came in and asked me "Can I go ride 4-wheelers again?" We were supposed to go and eat Sunday supper at my mother in laws house down the road and I hesitated when I gave her the key..........I don't know if it was a bad feeling I had, but then she looked at me with those big blue eyes and I handed her the key which I REGRET to this day. I gave it to her and told her that she can't ride long since we will be going to eat at her grandma's house. I also told her not to race and go past 2-3 gear, to which she smiled and said "OK mom!!" And she ran out of the house..............Little did I know that was the last time I would see her alive. The accident is still sort of a mystery to us. We do know she passed away from cardiac arrest and she fractured her skull. She was in 5th gear and I think she turned the 4-wheeler to sharp, got scared, used the wrong breaks and flew backwards banging the back of her head pretty badly on the rack in the back. We do know that she was conscience for a few after she hit her head since she did turn off the 4-wheeler........I think she was coming to get us, but she didn't make it and collapsed next to the 4-wheeler. Her friend Russell found her on the ground bleeding heavily and came to get us. My husband performed CPR and could tell her pulse was slowing down. It seems like it took forever for the ambulance and Air-Med to reach us..............In my heart I knew that she wasn't going to make it. She passed away in her dads arms next to the 4-wheeler. We blame ourselves. She should NOT have been riding this thing. If she hadn't she would still be with us. Well that is about it. It has been 3 years since she passed but it feels like it happened just yesterday. I think about her everyday and can't believe she is gone. I would have traded places with her in a heart beat. PLEASE if you know someone who rides any kind of bike/ATV. Please make sure they wear a helmet. ALSO if they are 16 or under DO NOT allow them to ride!! Plain and Simple. The warnings are on there for a reason, we know that now....A little bit of fun is not worth a lifetime of pain. If we would have only used common sense...she might be here with us today :(
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